Photography of the painter Meko in the exhibition Spain on Burlap (Toledo. Spain)

Although he attended various art schools, both his vital and artistic training is mostly libertarian (or self-taught). His pictorial production during the decades of the 80s and 90s was devoted almost exclusively to make custom jobs (especially many copies of Impressionist masters such as Monet, Van Gogh, etc ...), illustrations, interior decoration, etc ... to keep pulling, as were times when every day he was ready for whatever may come.

The work of Meko highlights the nature of transformation, in the most direct sense that we assign to the art. It uses all kinds of materials and techniques, with total freedom and often spontaneously. His painting, and in general all his work, contains a high poetic ingredient. Their research is constant, for example, in recent years, we can observe the use of different materials and fabrics prepared and manipulated to produce folds and wrinkles, or different levels and spatial planes of other materials glued on successively, in many cases, using the collage, which is incorporated by its strictly pictorial values, due to its dynamic sense of art and, likewise, their need for realism in some lyrical mode.

In the same direction are its recycled pictures (collection Spaces), made with wood, ropes, metal elements, different waste materials, which are valued for themselves and which counteracts a color intentionally pictorial.

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